Developing Tomorrow's Leaders: The International Junior Red Brangus Breeders Association

The International Junior Red Brangus Breeders Association (IJRBBA) is dedicated to nurturing future cattle industry leaders. As the youth organization of the International Red Brangus Breeders Association (IRBBA), the IJRBBA provides opportunities for education, hands-on experience, and leadership development.

Fostering a Passion for Red Brangus

The IJRBBA aims to spark an interest in Red Brangus cattle among young people. We facilitate experiences that allow youth to gain firsthand knowledge of:

Red Brangus breed standards and characteristics

Animal husbandry and cattle management

Showmanship and exhibition

Industry involvement and leadership

By sponsoring shows, workshops, conferences, and other events, the IJRBBA gives youth the chance to connect with peers who share their passion. Members gain practical skills while building camaraderie.

Preparing Leaders Through Experience

The IJRBBA emphasizes learning by doing. Members can get involved in activities like

These hands-on experiences allow youth to gain expertise and demonstrate their capabilities. The IJRBBA provides a supportive environment for members to step outside their comfort zone and develop new skills.

Supporting Youth in Pursuing Cattle Careers

Many IJRBBA alumni move on to careers in the cattle industry. The IRBBA Memorial Scholarship Fund awards financial assistance to help youth pursue agricultural degrees and vocational training. Since 1991, the fund has provided over $380,000 in scholarships. The IJRBBA gives youth transferable skills to equip them for success in the working world. Our programs teach responsibility, decision-making, people skills, time management, and confidence. These abilities prepare members for leadership in any field they choose.

As advocates for the breed, IJRBBA members help educate others about the merits of Red Brangus cattle. Youth have the opportunity to:

The enthusiasm and passion of these young cattlemen generate broader awareness of the adaptability, maternal abilities, longevity and carcass quality of Red Brangus.

Join Us in Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

Youth membership in the IJRBBA provides lasting positive impacts for young people passionate about cattle. Join us in cultivating the next generation!