The IRBBA provides resources and community for raising resilient, 3/8 Brahman & 5/8 Angus True Red Brangus.

Superior Hybrids

Red Brangus combines the hardy traits of Brahman with the quality and yield of Angus.

Climate Resilient

Adaptable genetics allow Red Brangus to thrive in diverse and extreme climates.

Profit Driven

Rapid growth, fertility, and carcass quality improve efficiency and boost profit potential.


The IRBBA Advantage

The International Red Brangus Breeders Association connects members to valuable resources, genetics, and industry expertise.
Marketing Power

Promote your operation through IRBBA advertising, website listings, shows, and sales.

Raising the Standard

Help advance Red Brangus genetics and practices through IRBBA programs and events.

Knowledge Sharing

Access educational materials, network with other cattlemen, and learn industry best practices.

Step into a World of Elite Red Brangus Breeders

Together, we can increase demand for Registered Red Brangus genetics and ensure the breed’s legacy. Invest in your future by becoming an IRBBA member today!
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Established in 1991

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Access educational resources on best practices for raising quality Red Brangus cattle.


The IRBBA provides the latest research and information on health, nutrition, genetics, and more to help members make informed decisions.


Connect with fellow breeders at IRBBA events and online.


Members gain access to a community of experienced Red Brangus breeders to share knowledge, techniques, and opportunities.


Promote your operation and cattle on IRBBA platforms.


IRBBA provides marketing opportunities through the breeder directory, publications, shows and sales.


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Members get exclusive savings on fees and IRBBA sponsored events/items.


Help guide the future of the Red Brangus breed.


The IRBBA values member feedback to keep improving breed standards and better serve members.


Gain recognition as a member of the leading Red Brangus association.


IRBBA membership demonstrates your commitment to raising quality registered Red Brangus cattle.
True Red Brangus Advantage

Why choose Red Brangus?

Red Brangus cattle offer ranchers unique benefits that make them an excellent choice for cattle operations.
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Their Brahman ancestry gives Red Brangus natural resistance to heat stress and insects. Their slick coats and pigmentation allow them to graze when other breeds seek shade.
Red Brangus heifers reach puberty early and breed back quickly after calving. Small calves reduce dystocia.
Red Brangus yield well-marbled, tender beef that consistently grades Choice. Carcasses are moderate in size.
Cows are excellent mothers with plenty of milk to wean heavy calves, without excess milk production.
From the tropics to the plains, Red Brangus thrive in diverse environments. Moderate mature size fits most operations.

Get Involved, Junior Breeders

The IJRBBA provides young cattle enthusiasts with hands-on learning, leadership  & scholarship opportunities, and community support. Join today to connect with other juniors passionate about the Red Brangus breed.