The International Red Brangus Breeders Association (IRBBA) is comprised of breeders who produce and market 3/8 Brahman by 5/8 Angus registered cattle. The hybrid vigor behind the Red Brangus breed offer commercial cattlemen hardiness, resistance to insects and disease, excellent maternal qualities, longevity, fertility, the most heat-tolerance money can buy, and more.


Red Brangus females are moderately-sized and early-maturing. The maternal abilities these cattle offer are unmatched as they milk sufficiently, but not to excess. With shorter gestation periods, Red Brangus females also breed back more quickly than others.


The heterosis in Red Brangus genetics offers a greater profit for producers as it typically generates more revenue and less costs. Red Brangus carcasses are high-quality and produce little waste. More pounds of carcass equals more value for the producer and for the consumer.


Providing sustainable beef for the world’s growing population is something the IRBBA takes seriously. We strive to provide our members with the tools, resources and information they need to successfully raise quality cattle.


For optimal success, it’s important for commercial cattlemen to market their individual operations, as well as the cattle within those operations. IRBBA membership is a great place to start. IRBBA pledges to supply its members with opportunities and ideas for marketing your operation.


The IRBBA exists to provide marketing avenues for registered Red Brangus cattle within the continental United States as well as tropical areas around the world. Marketing is achieved through member website listing, advertising, private treaty sales, breeder production sales, yearly shows, and an annual Association sponsored sale known as the Genetic Edge Sale. Registration of cattle, administrative functions, and Total Herd Reporting are accomplished by the IBBA.


IRBBA leverages its membership strengths and experience to achieve the objectives set forth while meeting cattle market demands of today and positioning itself to meet the demands of tomorrow.


The IRBBA is a regional association of the International Brangus Breeders Association. The two associations share common objectives in advancing the quality, reliability, and value of Brangus cattle, Black and Red, for the beef industry.


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The International Red Brangus Breeder's Association (IRBBA) held its fall membership event "Fall in Love with Red Brangus" Saturday, November 3, 2018 at Chappell Hill, TX.


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