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Kelly & Stacey Costello
29000 F.M. 1488 Road
Hockley, Texas 77447
Phone: (832) 493-3132
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Our adventure in the world of Red Brangus cattle began in November of 2006. My Husband Kelly and I were out in the back of our property located in Hockley, Texas, filling deer feeders, and checking game cameras. As we rounded the corner to the pipeline, a Red Brangus type bull had jumped the fence from out of our neighbor’s property, and was standing there looking very impressive. Kelly looked at me and said, “I want some cows”. I said “okay”. All the while thinking I knew nothing about cows, but having showed jumping horses for many years, figured it couldn’t be too hard, since at least you don’t have to ride them! (I was wrong, showing cattle is A LOT more work). So this began as an adventure of a lifetime. Kelly wanted to have a registered herd so I began researching breeders on the internet.

We decided on Red Brangus because we have always liked the look of Brangus type cattle. My Uncle would run Brahma type cattle with Angus bulls, and the resulting calves always looked better than the parents. We decided on Red instead of Black, because it stood out, and was different from what everyone else seemed to have in our area.

When I typed “Red Brangus” into the search engine, I was amazed at the number of Breeders in our general area. I started sending emails, and John Liechty of Hidden Oak Brangus, in Conroe, Texas was the first to respond. We went out to John’s place and bought a weanling bull. John put us in touch with two other breeders, Dennis Kmiec, of Triangle K Farms in Chappell Hill, Texas, and Bruce Buffaloe, of Buffaloe Cattle Company, in Nursery, Texas. We bought 3 yearling Klassic daughters from Dennis, and 2 bred heifers, and a yearling heifer from Bruce. Our herd had begun.

Bruce called us not too long after that, telling us that we needed to go to Sureway Stock Farm in Schulenburg and talk to James Miksch, herdsman for Sureway Stock Farms. They had decided to sell their yearling heifers. We bought five very nice heifers to add to our herd. There was also a yearling bull that caught Kelly’s eye in the pens. The bull ended up being Sureway’s Legacy Mr 060S. He was one of the first sons from the Rocky Street bull, and had tremendous bone, style, and eye appeal. Kelly fell in love with him, and we bought the ½ interest they were selling.

After the 2007 Houston Livestock Show, Sureway Stock Farms announced they were dispersing their herd. We were so happy with the heifers we had purchased, that we wanted to get there as soon as we could to look at the cow herd. We purchased several cow/calf pairs. We picked the cows out by picking out which calves we liked the best, we also purchased the other ½ interest in the Legacy bull. This was the best thing that could have happened to us as new breeders, we have not been disappointed yet with this purchase.

The rest is history. These cattle have produced fantastic calves for us, beyond what we could have ever hoped for. BKC BIG Time 10T6, a bull calf that was on the side of one of the Sureway cows we bought, is now one of our main herd sires. The yearling bull Kelly bought, Sureway’s Legacy MR 060S, proves himself over and over again, not only in the show ring, but also in the pasture. His calves are big boned and stylish like their sire. One of the heifers we bought from Buffaloe Cattle Company produced a fantastic bull calf by Legacy named BKC Legacy’s Superman 101U, and has another equally impressive bull calf at her side. He has a very bright future ahead of him.

We have been extremely lucky to have become involved with this breed’s fabulous organization, and great people. Our herd is up to 50 brood cows, and last I looked, 90 total registered animals. Our motto is “Make the Future Better by Making the Most out of the Past”. We will continue to reap the benefits of what others breeders took a lifetime to create. We have been fortunate enough to buy excellent genetics, from some great breeders. Our program continues to grow in a very positive way. Our goal is to continually improve the breed, and to make the best possible cattle we can, continuing to show, and promote Red Brangus Cattle.

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The International Red Brangus Breeder's Association (IRBBA) held its fall membership event "Fall in Love with Red Brangus" Saturday, November 3, 2018 at Chappell Hill, TX.


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