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A Bar 4 Brangus
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A Bar 4 Brangus


For three generations, A Bar 4 Brangus have carried on a strong tradition of high quality cattle and customer service. Located in Arcola, Texas, A Bar 4 is currently run by Adolphus and Sharon Gordon.

"After military service, I helped my father with his commercial herd," Adolphus said. "In keeping his legacy, A Bar 4 Brangus was founded in 1992 with my first Red Brangus purchase from John Kopycinski of Oak Creek Farms."

Adolphus found his love for the Red Brangus breed after attending the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course.

"I was introduced to the cattle there and since then have never looked back," Adolphus said. "I have a deep passion for the Brangus breed."

Over the years, he has focused on building and improving his herd with a focus on breeding excellence. Through purchases from Buffaloe Cattle Company, Markham Cattle Company and Charles and Sue Atkinson's -C- Red Brangus, they have been able to do just that.

"A registered cattle breeder should set goals within his breed to produce more efficient cattle and eliminate inferior and objectionable traits through selective breeding programs," Adolphus said.

Using proven herd sires such as -C- Magic Dust 33R2, R2 Extra Style 880P, CX Excalibur 1M1, CX Chief Cardinal 847/G, CX Home Run, Biggio 46T and Sureway's Rocky Street 227N, they have been able to customize their breeding program to produce the highest quality offspring.

"We have kept heifers and changed bulls until we established a herd with a narrow, but proven genetics base," Adolphus said.

A Bar 4 Brangus focuses on performance, quality and temperament when marketing their cattle. They sell replacement heifers, herd bulls, range bulls and show cattle for junior exhibitors. They have won a number of awards at major stock shows, most recently winning Reserve Bull Calf Champion at the 2013 San Antonio Livestock Show.

Not only does their program succeed in the show ring, but also, they are superior herdsmen and were recognized for the 14th time at the 2013 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for the Good Herdsman Award.

They are extremely excited about outstanding prospects to watch in the ring including AB4 Skyline 51Z and Dos XX's Stretch's Thunder 52/1.

"We encourage you to visit the ranch anytime you are in the area," Adolphus said. "Our door is always open!"

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The International Red Brangus Breeder's Association (IRBBA) held its fall membership event "Fall in Love with Red Brangus" Saturday, November 3, 2018 at Chappell Hill, TX.


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