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Muñoz Cattle Company of Pearland, Texas, took root in 1997 when the Muñoz family, consisting of Greg, Veronica, Steven, Nathan and Kelsey, were in the commercial cattle business raising and selling a few head as market stock. In 2002, Nathan began using the commercial cattle as his market 4-H project. When Kelsey became old enough to show through 4-H in 2004, the Muñoz family decided to begin breeding registered cattle. 

"Since Nathan and Kelsey would be showing these cattle, Veronica and I gave them the task of researching different breeds and coming back with proposals for the family to review and decide which breed we would raise on our ranch," Greg Muñoz said. "After many months of research and numerous family discussions, Nathan made the winning arguments for the Red Brangus breed."

Based on the many positive characteristic traits of the breed including their calving ease, potential growth and resale value in both domestic and foreign markets, heat tolerance and other benefits, the Muñoz family believed that Red Brangus would flourish on their ranch located in the sub-tropical climate of south Houston. 

In 2005, the family purchased their first registered calves from Bruce Buffaloe of Buffaloe Cattle Company and those two cows, 26R Halo and 975 JP's Reign, are still excelling in their herd today. The Muñoz family has grown their herd through the purchase of heifers and cows from IRBBA breeders over the past seven years. 

"This breed has not disappointed us and remains true to the exceptional traits and characteristics that so many cattlemen are seeking," Greg said. "Some mentoring words of advice from Bruce Buffaloe that we standby to this day are, 'if you purchase quality cattle and only keep quality breeding stock within your herd, you will produce great cattle.'"

With that mantra, the Muñoz family eventually moved their herd from both American and International Red Brangus to a strictly International herd. 

"This has generated a consistent higher level of quality genetic traits in our herd and to this day we have no regrets in making that decision," Greg said. 

Today, the Muñoz herd consists of eight to eighteen cows that are bred through artificial insemination to a variety of International Red Brangus bulls. The use of AI has allowed the family to use more land for their breeding heifers and cows and not limit their herd to one or two bulls. 

They look to market their cattle to smaller Red Brangus and commercial breeders who are looking for replacement females to add to their herd, while also selling great show prospects to 4-H and FFA youth. The Muñoz family likes to take a close interest on these youth customers, noting that they are the future of the breed. 

"Our family supports this group of youngsters by mentoring them and by volunteering our time and resources as committee members to the 'Junior Breeding Beef Committee' at the Brazoria County Fair Association, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Junior IBBA Association and other such youth organizations in the area," Greg said. 

The Muñoz cattle have seen outstanding success in the show ring over the past few years including exhibiting the Grand Champion Bred and Owned female at the 2010 National Junior Brangus Show. They have also won numerous division championships at the National Junior Brangus Show, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, San Antonio Livestock Exposition and a number of supreme champion titles at the Brazoria County Fair. 

The family has plans for growth in the future as they hope to increase their ranch acreage while continuing to use AI to increase their herd numbers. They would also like to explore the use of embryo transfer and eventually add their own champion bulls to the list of semen donors within the breed.

"Our key focus for Muñoz Cattle Company is to continue our involvement, support and mentoring of our young breeders, plus support the youth organizations such as the IRBBA scholarship foundations, 4-H, FFA and others that help educate youngsters in agriculture," Greg said. "Our youth are the future and key to the continued success of our breed and we have made that commitment to ensure they will succeed."

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The International Red Brangus Breeder's Association (IRBBA) held its fall membership event "Fall in Love with Red Brangus" Saturday, November 3, 2018 at Chappell Hill, TX.


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